Norwegian Culture for Kids

Norwegian Baby Names

Norwegian Baby Girl Names Norwegian Baby Boy Names Agnes Ida Aleksander Jakob Agnete Inga Alexander Jan Alfhild Ingeborg Alf Jens Amalie Inger Alfred Joachim Andrea Ingri Anders Joakim Anette Ingrid Anders Johan Anna Ingvil Andreas Jokkum Anne Ingvild Anton Jon Astra Ingvill Arne Jonas Astri Janne Artur Jørgen Astrid Jenny Arvid Julius Aud Jensina Asbjørn […]

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Norwegian Geography

Three-fifths of the country is covered with mountains.  There are also farmlands in the valleys, fishing villages, and fjords.  Fjords are narrow inlets of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes.  In the north, there is a large region called Svalbard Archipelago made up of fjords, mountains, and islands.  Further north and above the Arctic

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Norwegian People

Most people in Norway are Norwegians. The Norwegian language is related to German and early English. Norwegians can understand both Swedish and Danish as these two languages are quite similar to Norwegians. In their country, there are two standard languages: Bokmal and Nynorsk. The Sami people are a native population in Norway. They are also

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Norwegian Location

Norway is a country located in Northern Europe.  It is home to more than 4,600,000 people.  Norway borders the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.  It also borders Sweden, Finland, and Russia.  Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries along with Denmark and Sweden.  It is a long and narrow landmass extending 1,100

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