Welsh for Kids

Welsh for kids is an online Welsh language learning website and app for kids by Dino Lingo.

Welsh Children’s Stories

The Golden Harp Once there was a man named Morgan who lived on the edge of the rocky Welsh coast. Above everything else he loved singing and playing instruments, though he was quite awful at it. Everyone from his wife to his priest asked him to stop making such awful rackets. His voice was off-key,

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Welsh Alphabet

Welsh Alphabet  The Welsh language uses a form of the Latin alphabet, just like English does. When the English invaded Wales during the Middle Ages, they brought their alphabet with them. Previous to the invasion Welsh had no written language. However, Welsh itself is older than the English language. The Welsh language does not use

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Welsh Children’s Songs

  Wales is known for its inventive songs and rhymes for children. Here are a couple of Welsh favorites.   Y Broga Bach Broga bach aeth maes i rodio Twywyadio, Ar gefen ei farch a’i gyfwy cryno, Pwy lygadai ond llygoden. Meddai’r Broga Bach yn serchog, “A fynni di fod yn wraig i farchog?” “Pa

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