Dinosaur Facts

Where did dinosaurs live?

230 million years ago, Earth looked a lot different from the way it looks today. Not only did dinosaurs live on all seven continents back then, but also, all seven continents were stuck together as one big continent called Pangaea. That would sure make it a lot easier to travel around the world, wouldn’t it! …

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What colors were dinosaurs?

Just like people, different dinosaurs had different skin colors! Of course, there are no pictures of dinosaurs that let us see exactly what they looked like, but paleontologists (the scientists who get to study old fossils!) have a pretty good idea of the colors that different dinosaurs wore. Recently they discovered that some dinosaurs had …

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What did dinosaurs eat?

Just like you and me, dinosaurs got hungry! But dinosaurs couldn’t just pop open a bag of candy when they wanted to eat. They had to find food on their own. Some dinosaurs ate lizards and turtles. Some dinosaurs ate eggs. Some dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs, and some even ate animals that were already dead! …

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