Czech Culture for Kids

Popular Czech Names

These are some of the most popular names for boys and girls in The Czech Republic: Girls’ Names Adela, which means of noble descent or lineage. Ana, which means compassion or grace. Bohdana, which means God’s gift. Daleka, which means distant battle. Elita, which means God’s oath. Boys’ Names Alexander, which means defender of man. […]

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Czech Children’s Games

The citizens of Czech Republic celebrate Children’s Day on June 1st annually. On this day, families take their children to local churches and parks, in which the parks hold carnivals and fun events for the kids of the republic. This day celebrates peace, harmony, and great health of all children.   Online Czech lessons for

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Czech Customs and Culture

–          Do not go to someone else’s home without bringing flowers, or a sweet treat –          You are expected to remove your shoes upon visiting someone’s home, most homes will have slippers for you –          Czech culture means less private space, culturally, they are a lot closer than Western civilization –          They seldom call people

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Common Czech Cuisines

The traditional Czech cuisine consists of roast pork, with sour kraut and dumplings. Some popular foods all have the same sides, like soups, potatoes, and more. While the Czech Republic has recently turned the cuisine over to a healthier menu, one cannot forget what meals make the Czech cuisines memorable. Popular soups: potato, garlic, and

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Sounds of the Czech Republic

Traditional Czech Republic music requires traditional instruments. Majority of the instruments used are handmade, and are done so delicately. The wood chosen for these instruments is an intricate process in itself, as the trees used for them have to be at least 100 or more years old. Fiddles, drums, and accordions are some examples, but

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Children’s Games of Czech

1)      Pesek (Duck -Duck Goose): For this game, all of the children sit down in a circle, facing one another. There is one child that is “it”, and they sing a song while going around in a circle. The person who is “it” goes around singing the song until he or she taps one of

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3 Must Go See’s

  Prague City Center: one of the most visited areas; it is a central point of Prague. Here is where one can find shops, amusement centers, restaurants, and so much more. Many visitors and citizens visit here for a great time, or wonderful sights to see as well. Petrin Lookout Tower: 60 meters high, this

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts Czech people are the heaviest beer consumers There are 2000 castles in the Czech Republic The official language of Czech Republic is Czech. About 59% of the population is agnostic, atheist, or non-believer. About 26.8% is Roman Catholic while 2.5% is Protestant. The country has four national parks, the oldest being Krkonoše National

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Czech Attire

Czech Attire A lot of Czech Republic clothing is determined by the area and time period of which it derived, and its purpose. –          Blata: Lying in the České Budějovice, Tábor, Jindřichův Hradec and Vodňany regions, the women’s clothing is decorated lavishly, and extremely embroidered. The Plena is the most common part of any clothing

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