Bulgarian Culture and Language

All About Bulgaria

The Bulgarian culture has been formed over many centuries. Bulgarian traditions root into the distant past and are connected with the history and the Orthodox Christian religion.  Fire dancing is Old Bulgarian custom, which has been practiced in Strandja Mountain.  Fire-dancers are getting ready all day for that dancing by staying closed in a chapel, …

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Bulgarian Clothing

Bulgarian traditional clothing Many different costumes can be found within this relatively small country. Different regions have different traditional clothing. Men’s trousers can be white or black. They are worn with a white shirt , a wide, brightly colored sash, a hat made of black lambskin, leg wraps or knitted socks, and leather peasant sandals, …

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Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine Bulgarian dishes are similar to ones prepared in other Balkan countries. They share many recipes. Due to the warm climate and place to grow them Bulgarians eat many vegetables, herbs and fruits. They usually have a salad for every meal. A typical Bulgarian starts the day having Banica (баница) and some yogurt or …

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