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Is It Okay for My Child to Learn Two or More Languages at the Same Time?

Can your child learn two or more languages at the…

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Will Learning a New Language Cause a Speech Delay for My Child?

Every child learns at a different pace. For some, learning…

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The Least Spoken Languages In the World

DinoLingo breaks down the least spoken languages in the world.

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The Best Language Learning Apps and Websites For Every Age

DInoLingo knows the market is saturated with websites and apps that promise to teach another language. Which are effective? We list 10 options for you.

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What Are the Best French Learning Websites for Kids?

French is a great second language for English speaking children….

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What Are the Best Methods to Learn a Second Language?

Most high schools and colleges require students to take foreign…

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Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language for Kids

DinoLingo helps parents understand the advantages their children could have by learning a foreign language.

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Why Should Children Learn a Second Language At an Early Age?

Many high schools and colleges in the United States require…

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What is the Easiest Language For Kids To Learn?

DinoLingo lists why Spanish is the easiest language for English speaking kids to learn.

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Challenges faced by Multicultural Families

Identity is something that some people wrestle with whilst growing…

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