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Mixed marriage, inter cultural, inter lingual marriages.

Challenges and Changes in Mixed Roots and Multicultural Families

Identity is something that many if not most all of us wrestle with whilst growing up. However, like most minorities, this is perhaps even more so for many mixed roots, multicultural and third culture kids; from dealing with being treated differently by others and searching for groups to identify with, and feel a…

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The World Cup Guide for Mixed Families

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia was amazing. Germany, who won in 2014 passed the Cup over to their European neighbors France the day after Bastille Day. What a celebratory weekend it was for France and friends. What if the national team of your country and your spouse’s country are playing against each…

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Conflict in Mixed Families and Conflict Resolution with Foreign Partners

How to deal with conflict in mixed marriages •Don’t give examples from your own country •Apologize even if it means you’ll lose the face •Never use generalizations about his/her country/culture/family even if he/she previously accepted that (e.g. we,…s usually are not punctual) •Don’t touch and don’t get so close, different cultures have different use of…

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Communication in Mixed Families: How to Communicate with A Foreign Partner

•Both partners should be more interested in giving than receiving. •There should be at least one language in which both partners are fluent. •Partners should never “assume” anything just because it’s common sense in their own culture.  

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Problems Children Face in Mixed Families: Intermarrying and Children

•Children do not really know their grandparents ancestors. •Family members, such as grandparents and cousins, are not able to communicate well with the children (TCK). •One side of the  family does not celebrate  host culture’s holidays and observe its traditions. •One side of the family has to explain jokes and/or ask for them…

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20 Reasons Why Marrying a Foreigner is a Good Choice

Enjoy different dishes all the time When your partner is a foreigner of course he/she will cook for you (at least occasionally) and you’ll get to eat the real food from that real cuisine. It’s not like going to an ethnic restaurant in your country where the food is adjusted to and mixed…

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Marry a foreigner: Why Some people Don’t Want to Marry a Foreigner

Since many activities in marriage are joint, such as the raising of children, the purchase of a house and other consumer durables, and the spending of leisure time, dissimilarity in taste would complicate these shared activities. People prefer to marry someone who has similar cultural resources because this enables them to develop a…

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Mixed Marriages and 6 Reasons Why People Marry Foreigners

Genetic Variation: Species tend to out-breed in order to strengthen their genetic immunization. For instance there are certain diseases which are found among Asians or Europens, when a Erupoean and an Asian have a baby it’s possible that the baby is less likely to get both of the diseases. Davis & Merton Hypothesis (1941) members…

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