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Category: Armenian Culture for Kids

Armenian Names

How are the names given to Armenian babies? The people of Armenia have very strong traditions. Usually, a baby that is born in the family would have the name of his/her grandmother or grandfather from the father’s side. So if you are the first child on your father’s side, and you are a…

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Armenian History

One of the oldest nations in the world has a very rich history. Armenians call themselves Hay, the country- Hayastan. This comes from the ancient times, where Armenia was considered to be the land of Hayk, an Armenian historical figure. Later, the more common name, which we know presently, was given to the…

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Armenian Music

Armenian music is another important and valuable piece of world heritage: duduk – the musical instrument has been revered for centuries. Usually made of apricot stone, the sound of this instrument cannot be compared to any other.

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Armenian Architecture

Armenian architecture is one of the richest branches of the culture. Armenian churches and other buildings have always demonstrated extremely sophisticated architectural design; the signature of Armenian architects. Apart from churches, the cross – stones – Khachkars are also a unique piece from Armenian masters. Stones, on which crosses and other main religions…

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Armenian Geography

A landlocked, small country in the Caucasus, Armenia is known for its history, heritage, stubbornness and hard-working nature of the people native to that country. The geographical location, the diligence of the Armenians, as well as the myriad of wars and disasters that this country has faced has made its people even stronger….

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Childrens Fun and Folktales of Armenia

A long time ago there lived a man, whose name was Hovhannes Toumanyan. He wrote many fairy tales which remain kids’ favorite up till now. “Anban Huri” (The lazy Huri) is about a girl Huri, who was very lazy to do any work, and all she did all day long was to sit…

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Armenian Fun Facts, Customs, and Famous Places

Customs and Etiquette Armenian people are very famous for their hospitability and friendliness. When you meet an Armenian for the first time you will shake hands. Armenian people are also famous for their body language, which sometimes explains things when words can’t. Armenian people are very proud of the fact that they have…

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Festivals and Days of Celebration in Armenia

There are a lot of celebrations in Armenia. Having a rich culture and history, Armenian people have many holidays to celebrate and memorial days to mark. One of the most beloved holidays especially for kids is the New Year, which is Celebrated on December 31-January 1. The kids write letters to the Santa,…

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Armenia Attire- Colors and More

Being a very old country, Armenian people used to wear various clothes in different periods of times. Armenians call their national clothes “Taraz”. Apart from being just a dress, the Taraz signified much more.  People believed that the colors of the dress could bring good luck ”the black of the earth, the white…

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Edible Eats of Armenia – Armenian Foods

The food in this country is very tasty and diverse. One of the most famous and tastiest dishes is Khorovats, or as other people call it – Barbeque. But this is not made like other barbeques. Making of Armenian Khorovats is a special procedure, for which mostly the men are responsible. Khorovats can…

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