Albanian Culture and Language

Albanian Culture for Kids

Common Albanian Names

Albanian names are beautiful and they will tell you a lot about the culture and history of the country. Many of them belong to the nation’s outstanding men and women of the past. For example names such as Pirro, Gjergj, Arber, Donika, Vojsava,Teuta etc. are typical ancient Illyrians names. Albanian names are also often associated …

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Albanian History with Facts

Albanians come from an ancient tribe called Illyrians, a population which was created around 2000 BC. Illyrian provinces, especially in the coastal areas, were very developed both socially and politically. Illyrian states that were formed during this time, were included in the Mediterranean world of advanced civilization. Throughout history though, Albanian territories have been ruled …

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Albanian Customs and Etiquette, and Values for Kids

Verbal or nonverbal communication Some nonverbal communications in Albanian culture show drastic differences comparing to some other peoples’ culture around the world. It is very common for Albanians to greet each other with a kiss or a hug, even between the same genders.  Albanians consider two men or two women walking hand-in-hand to standard behavior …

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Albanian Festivals, Holidays, and Celebrations to Know

Festivals, holidays, Celebrations   Because of Albanians history, ethnic and religious backgrounds, there are many cultural and arts festivals throughout the country. Every year Albanian people celebrate different festivals and holidays. One of the largest is the pagan Summer Festival. It is celebrated on March 14 and it is intended to commemorate the end of …

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