Say ‘How are you?’ in different languages

Arabic – كيف حالك
Turkish – Nasılsın
Bulgarian – как си – kak si
Japanese – お元気ですか – Ogenkidesuka
Chinese – 怎么是你 – Zěnme shì nǐ
Hebrew – מה שלומך
Korean – 어떻게 지내 – eotteohge jinae
Czech – Jak se máš
Norwegian – hvordan har du
Danish – Hvordan har du det
Portuguese – COMO VOCÊ
Dutch – Hoe gaat het
Polish – Jak się masz
French – Comment allez-vous
Russian – Как жизнь – Kak zhiznʹ
Finnish – Mitä kuuluu
Spanish – Cómo está usted
German – Wie geht es Ihnen
Swedish – Hur mår du
Greek – τι κάνετε; – ti kánete ?
Hindi – तुम कैसे हो – Tuma kaisē hō
İtalian – Come va


2 thoughts on “Say ‘How are you?’ in different languages”

  1. make the website easyer to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi! You missed a word in portuguese. The correct is: “Como vai você?” or “Como você está?”
    What you wrote is “as you” or “I eat you” !
    In portuguese “eat” and “as” are written in the same way.

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