Friday, December 8, 2023
Mixed marriage

The World Cup Guide for Mixed Families

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia was amazing. Germany, who won in 2014 passed the Cup over to their European neighbors France the day after Bastille Day. What a celebratory weekend it was for France and friends. What if the national team of your country and your spouse’s country are playing against each other? Good sportsmanship is essential. -Don’t force the kids to take a side and allow them make up their own minds. These events are an opportunity show them what good sportsmanship, friendship and family looks and feels like. They will recall these events when they grow up. -Jerseys, face painting and horns are great , flags may not be necessary. -Do not make fun of the other team. -Do not over-celebrate your team’s goal and always congratulate your opposing side when they get a goal. -Prepare cultural dishes for both countries playing. Let the children help and decorate for the game. -International sports is a great opportunity for us to connect as a family. A time when we can find out more about our spouse’s country, customs and sports history. Celebrate it and engage the kids so they learn who they are. -Remember, no matter what the score is, your entire wins! Celebrate your diversities as one.
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