Saturday, December 9, 2023
Mixed marriage

Marry a foreigner: Why Some people Don’t Want to Marry a Foreigner

  1. Since many activities in marriage are joint, such as the raising of children, the purchase of a house and other consumer durables, and the spending of leisure time, dissimilarity in taste would complicate these shared activities.
  2. People prefer to marry someone who has similar cultural resources because this enables them to develop a common life- style in marriage that produces social confirmation and affection. (Taken from Kalmijn 1998).
  3. Differences might be seen unique or cute but actually cause big problems in the long run.
  4. The person you are marrying to might not be a good representative of his/her culture (e.g. the person might be secular while his/her family can still be very conservative)
  5. Understanding and appreciating a culture is different from internalizing it.
  6. Extended families might be as important as spouses in some cultures.
  7. Face saving and gender roles might be too hard to overcome.
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